The Christel Kasselmann Poster

By Amit Bapat on July 30, 2012 — 1 min read

The  Greater Seattle Aquarium Society has an awesome lineup of speakers this year..and they’re getting the famous Christel Kasselmann all the way from Germany to speak for our september meeting.

So the board asked me to create a poster that they could use for publicity and advertising and here is what i came up with. I chose to use a screen-print effect to play with the idea of discovery. When we uncover an antique piece of art/furniture, we are overjoyed with the prospect of $$ and its rarity.  This is similar to discovering new/rare species of aquatic plants. I chose to use a space age looking font that would kind-of give a twist to the concept. The process of discovering newer species is constantly advancing us in our knowledge to understand the flora beneath the water. The plant silhouettes add to the curiosity of the plant The dimensions are legal size 8.5″x14″, set keeping in mind the ease and cost-effectiveness for a non-profit to print these posters..

I used  Brandon Schaefer‘s Life Aquatic poster, as an inspiration which combines a retro minimalist flair with a strong attention to detail.



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