Lets go fly a kite…

By Amit Bapat on August 7, 2012 — 1 min read

So, the head of dev: the cool kid-Ben is leaving Avvo after 6 good years.

The product team got together to brainstorm on a parting-away gift. Ofcourse, we ended up with a t-shirt! The only challenge was to make a t-shirt that Ben would ‘consider’ wearing. (Ben is extremely picky with his nerdy collection of shirts). So, i had a couple of hours and i set apart making the avvo shirt. The plot is based on the inside joke that the Avvo logo looks like a kite.. Similar to Mary Poppins, the idea was to drop-in a lawyer (carrying a breifcase) and being lifted up by the kite. The avvo symbol is unchanged and is positioned to the far right corner, close to the shoulder. I thought that the visual balance this way would be maintained and it would appear as the kite was flying off. Heres a pic…its off for printing..

Update (May 7th 2013): We started a tradition of handing these off to the people leaving Avvo. And i’ve been printing these bad boys in a range of colors. Had to tweak the design for the ladies. (longer string–guess why? ). After these few prints, the shirt demand is picking up and people have been asking for more! Now, Avvo is doing a mass order for the entire company…haha!

upload upload-1

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  • Hi Billy,
    Thanks for your interest! Currently I only print them on demand and its for internal use only…but i could make an exception for you :).

    what color and size are you looking for?

    • I’m a xtra large. Black color would be great! What would be the cost with shipping and how would I pay?


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