Black Beard Algae Menace!! help!!!

By Amit Bapat on May 7, 2009 — 1 min read

After a smooth running of more than a year…

All of a sudden hell broke loose in my tank when this effing Black beard algae took over and was almost multiplying overnight. I frantically tried overdosing excel which did not work! ( went and got excel in the first place..added it to my long list of fertilizers). Here are some of the shots!

Good article to read in such times: Aquarium Algae ID


A good friend (advicer and expert) from suggested (Xue Sen Shen) the following measures:

1. Ditch the acitinic.
2. Reduce lighting photo period to 8 hours (if you have it any longer and gradually increase back to 10 when things are looking better)
3. Get a timer to emulate an afternoon burst (w 2 of the 4 65 watt bulbs) for 5-6 hours between the 8.
4. Raise CO2 levels.  I dont count my bubbles but I would think they are much greater than 2 bubbles per sec.
5. Do spot treatments w excel using a syringe OR trim off the leaves on severely affected leaves.
6. Dose micro and macro accordingly.
1. So I went out and first bought a power head to increase circulation (part of th problem) and positioned it near the co2 reactor. Swapped location from right to left of the reactor to old location under spray bar. The power head throws water across the tank and hence co2 reaching to the other end. Outlet of filter catches some of it and then again introduced into the left side through the inlet spray bar!
2. continuous CO2 injection with 5-6 bubbles/sec.
3. Reduced light hours from 11am to 7pm.
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